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Tepezcohuite is derived from the bark of Mexico's 'skin tree', this non-toxic organic ingredient is a wonderful natural skin care product. We have 7 products which originate from this exceptional ingredient


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Extensive research has been performed in labs throughout the world. They have found that Tepezcohuite (spelt Tepescohuite in English) is non-toxic, a cellular regenerator, an anti-bacterial 300% more effective than streptomycin, and a powerful fungicide.

Vital components found in its complex chemical makeup actually repair and protect skin cells - giving it the amazing ability to heal a wide range of skin problems especially acne and to promote younger-looking, healthy skin.

Mexico's skin Tree Tepezcohuite


Reduces the appearance of pigmentation imbalances, age spots, stretch marks, scars, cellulite and enlarged pores and also is :

         An all Natural Skin Rejuvenator.

         Removes all makeup, dirt, oils and grime that clog the pores. This will stop ACNE

         Exfoliates the skin to leave it soft and radiant, removing dead cells and dry skin.

         Renews fresh skin tone for a more youthful look.

         Minimizes wrinkles and fine age lines.

         Guard against the signs of aging

         Promote the creation of new skin cells

         Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to improve skin's elasticity

         Regenerate deep soft tissue and hair follicles

         Heal serious burns and skin blemishes

         Treat Psoriasis and Herpes I & II

         Minimize scarring

         Relieve the pain of sore, cracked or damaged skin

         Alleviate the discomfort of pressure sores 

         Defend against bacteria, fungi and viral infections and germs

Mexico Map

The 'magic skin tree', Tepezcohuite (Mimosa Tenuiflora) is a thorny tree with a wide distribution, but it is only in very localised areas of Chiapas, Mexico (Map above). Tepezcohuite bark has been used by the Maya since the 10th century to treat skin lesions. Still used in the region today, it is particularly effective at healing burns. In 1984, an explosion of a gas factory in Mexico City left 500 people dead and 5 000 suffering from severe burns. This overstretched the medical capabilities of the city. They turned to Tepezcohuite to treat the burns. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anaesthetic and epidermal regeneration properties earned it the nickname of "miracle plant", and it was classified as part of Mexico's national heritage.




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